Registration Guidelines

Student Entries
Each school may register up to six (6) performances. Students may only participate in one performance. There are a variety of ways that your students may perform. Choose from the following:
A. Solo performances
B. Two (duo) performers
C. Small groups (3-5 students)
D. One larger group (up to 10 students)

Color-coded nametags for your students will be mailed to your attention - please contact us if you do not receive your nametags approximately one week prior to your scheduled performance date.

Presentation Format
Your students will perform with students from other schools in different rooms. Students gain valuable learnings by observing a variety of performances and benefit from hearing all judges' critiques.

Best Part: Judges
Experienced Judges will comment on each presentation. Judging is based on criteria listed on the evaluation sheet. Comments are positive and insightful.
✎ Teachers leave with Judge's sheets. Comments are constructive and can be discussed with students as a group to improve oral interpretation skills.
☺ Students leave with FABULOUS personalized certificates.
❤ Parents leave with smiles, satisfaction and proud hearts!

Scheduling Considerations
If you need to combine bus transportation with other schools, please let us know well in advance and we will make every effort to schedule you at the same time.

Poetry & Prose Materials
✎ Please indicate any student-authored writings so we can give them special recognition.
✎ ALL material must be APPROPRIATE for our audiences. Drama is OK, but remember, we have K-8 students in attendance. All recitations must be in GOOD and PROPER TASTE for all students, including the very young.
✎ Absolutely NO questionable, crude or inappropriate words or phrases - all bathroom language is unacceptable even if it is humorous.
✎ Because of judging logistics, poetry is to be recited in English.
✎ Positively NO costumes or props allowed!
✎ PLEASE strictly adhere to the five-minute maximum rule - no exceptions! If material is longer, edit and condense.

✰✰ Special Services Entries✰✰
We welcome participation of students with special needs. This is a perfect opportunity for all students to memorize and perform - Let us know of any special needs your student may have. Our Judges are wonderful and experts at working with all students.

Special Services Student Accommodations
✰ Students may perform in a smaller group session if available.
✰ Students may go first in the session.
✰ Students may leave the session early.
✰ Judging is geared to meet each student's individual ability.

Poetry & Prose Book
Teachers: If you provide us with copies of the poems that your students recited, we will send you a book containing the complete collection of Poetry & Prose selections. These Poetry resource books are true treasures!

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