Registration Guidelines

Student Entries
Each school may register up to six (6) performances. A student may only be in one performance. There are a variety of ways for students to perform.
A. Solo/duo performers (1-2 students)
B. Small groups (3-5 students)
C. One large group (up to 10 students)
• See Planning Worksheet for details
NOTE: It is up to each school to plan how to observe social distancing guidelines for group performances.
Presentation Format
Students may be grouped with students from other schools in different "breakout" rooms. Students gain valuable experience by observing performances of students from other schools and hearing judges' critiques.
Best Part: Judges
Experienced Judges will comment on each presentation. Evaluation is based on criteria listed on the judge's sheet.
✎ Judge's comments are positive, constructive and insightful. Judge's sheets will be given to Teachers so they can be reviewed with their students.
☺ Students will receive FABULOUS personalized certificates with their earned award level.
Scheduling Considerations
Please call Brook at (559) 733-6326 for any scheduling questions or requests.
Poetry & Prose Materials
✎ Please indicate any student-authored writings so we can give them special recognition.
✎ Material MUST BE APPROPRIATE for our K-8 audiences. Dramatic presentations are fine; however, ALL recitations must be in good taste (NO questionable, crude or inappropriate words or phrases - all bathroom language is unacceptable for this event).
✎ For this event, presentations should be recited in English only in spoken word (not sung like a song).
✎ School shirts or matching outfits are acceptable, however NO costumes or props (including hats & headbands) allowed! This is a time for focus on ORAL INTERPRETATION, so no distractions, please ^_^.
✎ Maximum length for a presentation is five-minutes - no exceptions! If material is longer, please edit and condense.
Special Services Student Accommodations
Please let us know of students with special needs in your group. This is a perfect opportunity for all students to memorize and perform before an appreciative audience. Our Judges are wonderful and experts at working with children.
✰ Students may perform in a smaller group session as available.
✰ Students may go first in the session.
✰ Students may leave the session early.
✰ Judging is geared to meet each student's individual ability.
Poetry & Prose Book
Teachers: If you provide us with copies of the poems that your students recite this year, we will send you a complete collection of Poetry & Prose! These Poetry resource books are true treasures!
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