TCOE Poetry & Prose - Pre-Event Information

Event location: Tulare County Office of Education
6200 S Mooney Blvd, Visalia
Event website:

Event contact: Brook Killingsworth (559) 733-6326/
1. Schedule of schools & travel
  • All registered schools have been assigned a performance date and time.
    CLICK HERE for current 2024 Poetry & Prose schedule of schools
  • Coaches must arrange for substitute teachers and transportation of students
    Please contact your school/district office early to make those arrangements.
  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your start time.
    Each session will last approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.
  • CLICK HERE for 2024 Poetry & Prose coach’s folder (permission slips, maps, planning sheet, sample judging form, student performance tips etc.)
2. Poetry & Prose event guidelines:
  • No costumes or props are allowed including hats/headbands etc. Dress code is regular school attire (matching outfits and school spirit t-shirts are permitted).
  • Material must be age-appropriate and suitable for a K-8 event (no questionable or bathroom language / violent content etc.). If you are not sure if a selection is appropriate, please have it reviewed and approved by your school principal.
  • Performances are limited to a 3-minute maximum.
  • Please advise if any recitations are in languages other than English and we will make every effort to have a bilingual judge available.
  • Original student-authored poems are allowed and encouraged!
  • We welcome performances from students with special needs – please email us with any accommodation requests.
  • Looking for suitable material for your students to recite?
    CLICK HERE for TCOE Poetry & Prose Resource books
    (favorite Poetry & Prose selections for all ages shared by PnP coaches over the years)
3. Selecting your performance groups:
  • Most coaches select their final performance groups from tryouts at the school site (scheduled during a student assembly, etc.). Please schedule your tryouts early as we must have your group registration by March 15, 2024.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Each school may bring up to 8 performance groups (total of 30 students maximum).
  • Students may participate in one performance only.
  • A student may perform as solo, or as part of a duo, small group (3-5) or large group (6-10). Because of space limitations for students and spectators, please only one large group per school (no larger than 10 students).
4. Register your performance groups:

Due March 15, 2024
  • Register performance groups online at: by March 15, 2024** A confirmation email will have a link that will allow you to view and print your registration.
  • Please double check the spelling of your student’s names on your confirmation and email me with corrections as that is how the student certificates will be printed.
    Having to reprint certificates at the event will delay your departure

TCOE Poetry & Prose - Day of Event FAQ's

Event location: Tulare County Office of Education
6200 S Mooney Blvd, Visalia
Event website:

Event contact: Brook Killingsworth (559) 733-6326/
  • This event is free - family and friends are encouraged to attend!
  • You are not required to provide chaperones for your students, but if you wish to do so, you may contact Brook to find out how many breakout rooms your students will be assigned to.
  • Coaches and guests are welcome to (quietly) move from room to room to watch various performances. A list of performers and their room color will be posted in multiple locations - please ask a volunteer if you need assistance in finding a group or individual student performer.
  • Public parking is available in front of the building.
  • Bus parking is available on the north side of the building.
Coaches Check-In:
  • Turn in permission to photograph slips and pick up a coach’s packet at the check-in table.
  • Ask your students to check the spelling on their name tag. IF A NAME IS MISSPELLED - please notify the certificate table in the lobby before the event begins. This will greatly expedite your departure at the end of the event.
  • Coaches will also receive event pins at the check-in table for their students.
Lobby Waiting Area:
  • Coaches, students and guests will wait in the main lobby until the center hallway doors are opened (usually 5 minutes before start time).
  • We know this is an exciting time, but please remind students to be as quiet as possible while waiting for their session to begin. Groups may also wait outside until their session start time (weather permitting).
  • Suggestion: If you arrive early, use your wait time for a brisk walk around the building or for group photos at one of our lobby photo booths!
  • Restrooms are located in the center of the main lobby between the TV monitors.
  • If your performance time falls near the lunch hour, schools are welcome to bring sack lunches for their students and use our picnic tables either before or after their session.
  • Water bottle refill stations and a snack vending machine are available in the lobby.
  • Please make sure your students are cautious with beverages and clean up any trash.
Event Agenda:
  • Each session will begin promptly at the designated start time.
  • Student nametags and performance rooms are color coded:
  • Everyone starts in the main (BLUE) room for a short welcome message.
  • After the welcome, students and guests will follow their judge to the room matching the color of their name tag. (Students with BLUE tags will remain in the main room).
  • Students will perform and the judge will provide oral and written feedback.
  • When all groups have performed and the judges have finished their evaluations, everyone will return to the BLUE room for Command Performances.
  • Good, Very Good, Excellent or Superior award seals will be placed on the certificates.
  • At the end of the session, coaches will pick up their event packet containing their students’ certificates and judging sheets at the exit.